Clothing Order Form

Here are the details about our new apparel range.

There are 4 options of clothing now available. All are screen printed with the new NSYM logos, and are made from good quality clothing brands, Biz Collection and AS Colour.

Please have a look through the options below, and use the order form further down the page to place your order. Orders will be made at the end of February and April.

North Shore Youth Music Rain Jacket:

Price: Child $80.00 Adults $85.00


North Shore Youth Music Hoodie:

Price: All Sizes $50.00

Sizing guide:


North Shore Youth Music Polo Shirt:

Price: $25.00

Junior Orchestra or Con Brio members, this will have your logo on the left pocket.

Sizing chart:

P400KS MODERN FIT 4 6 8 10 12 14 16
Garment ½ Chest (cm) 36 38 40 42 44 46 49


North Shore Youth Music T-Shirt:

Price: Child $25.00

Songster, Children’s Choir, Stringalongs members this will be available in your different group colours and logos. Please make sure you specify which group you belong to so you can receive the correct logo and colour.

Sizing guide:


Please use the below form to place your order.

We would appreciate if you have multiple orders for different children in your family, that you submit an order form for each child individually, thank you.

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